In order to deliver the best products, you need business partners that are at the forefront of IT innovations and developments. Being an IBM Business Partner enables Dawson to stay plugged in to the latest solutions in the marketplace.

From hardware, software, networking, workstations, peripherals, phone systems, and anything else that falls under the IT sun, Dawson offers best-in-class technology from a variety of different vendors.

We start with IBM System x® servers that run on Microsoft Windows and Linux in virtualized environments. Our solutions are built to support mission-critical systems with several layers of redundancy.

These servers offer:

  • Tower or rack configurations depending on the data center
  • Cross-functionality for a variety of needs including remote access and security
  • The potential for 99% uptime
  • IBM’s legendary security, flexibility, scalability, and dependability.

Uninterrupted Power
Backed by best-in-class testing equipment, we can help address the major power problems that different industries and businesses deal with daily. We will deliver UPS’s, power conditioners, and a wide variety of other devices that ensure your network continues to run smoothly in the worst of circumstances.

At no charge to you we will appraise your network and advise if there are any changes that could improve it. Contact us today to get started!