About Us

The internet age ushered in a large convergence of robust applications such as emails, wired and wireless solutions, e-commerce, and SharePoint. These applications needed the support of more robust devices such as routers and gateways, along with scalable hardware and software. For networking, the advent of IP-based phones and cabling led to IT management complexity.

To help our customers tackle these developing technology challenges, Dawson Networks formed a complete turnkey approach to handle all facets of IT operations, from cabling, to networking, full system support, and beyond. There is no one-size-fits-all answer—every problem is unique in its own way and we make every effort to customize solutions to address your particular needs.

In business since 1987, Dawson not only adapts to changes in the IT marketplace, we also bring a wealth of experience. If you have a problem, we’ve either seen it before or we’ll use every resource to find a new solution.

Our History
The early networks we dealt with tended to be Novell, which was one of the most popular network systems. These networks showcased Arcnet as the typical infrastructure backbone.

We also worked with Mac peer to peer networks, and for wider area networks, Banyan was the network of choice. In the 90’s, our focus shifted to Microsoft Windows Server, as it became the dominant operating system. From there, IBM became our server of choice. Their line of servers widened considerably from towers to racks to blades.

Our Experience
Dawson has a team of experienced technicians and experts that have considerable range in the field.  Among our particular areas of expertise include SQL, customer programming, 3D design, and the provision of internet DSL access services including bonded DSL.

Local Provider With A Big Picture Outlook
For the Greater Toronto area, we can be a go-to, proven IBM Business Partner for small scale and large scale projects alike. One of the many reasons our partners have gained value from our services has to do with the time we’ve invested in them. We get to know your company, processes, requirements, and overall business goals. With that knowledge, we look to fill the gaps for your IT needs, and can act as an extension to your existing IT department.

Addressing Today’s Power Issues
Over time, power issues have become a larger problem, especially in older buildings and plants that were not originally built for the new electronic era. Dawson employs a strategic approach to identify and analyze the power problems that may be holding your organization back.

At no charge to you we will appraise your network and advise if there are any changes that could improve it. Please note this is in the nature of a preliminary analysis lasting several hours and not several days of intensive analysis.Contact us today to get started!